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The Tequila Box
The Tequila Box

The Tequila Box


Tequila is not tequila unless it is primarily derived from blue agave. Like their alcohol-based cousins, our non-alcoholic tequila alternatives are every bit a tequila, delivering that distinct agave flavor and plenty of kick for your cocktails. In each Tequila Box you will receive:

  • 1  500-750ml bottle of premium non-alcoholic tequila spirits
  • 8  150ml cans of Fever-Tree mixers that pair perfectly
  • 4  355ml cans of ready-to-drink options . . . for a quick ​refreshment! 
  • Recipes and info to help you make delicious cocktails

Our promise to you : we not only find and ship you the best quality products but you’ll pay less than if you bought them yourself.

Each box will provide about 15 drinks worth of enjoyment!