The Rum Box
The Rum Box

The Rum Box


The 'rum 'n coke' is a staple cocktail, instantly recognizable from the smallest, middle-of-nowhere bars to the most exclusive establishments in the world. Its roots date back to the liberation of Cuba from Spain and the beginning of the importation of Coca-Cola to Cuba. The most famous derivative is perhaps the Cuba Libre (or 'Free Cuba') — simply a rum 'n coke with a splash of fresh lime juice. Classic and delicious!
In each Rum & Cola Box you will receive:
  • 1   700ml bottle of Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit
  • 4   355ml cans of Greenbar Distillery's UnRum+Cola non-alcoholic cocktail
  • 4   200ml bottles of Fever-Tree Distillers Cola
  • 1   1 oz bottle of New Orleans-style All The Bitter non-alcoholic cocktail bitters
  • +   Recipes and info to help you make delicious cocktails at home

Each box will provide about 15 drinks worth of enjoyment!

2 oz Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
3 oz Fever-Tree Distillers Cola
3 full droppers of All The Bitter's New Orleans-style bitters
lime slices for garnish
mint sprigs
Add ingredients in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Stir gently. 
Garnish with lime slices and a sprig of mint.

How do you take a classic cocktail and elevate it that much more? Mix with a cola that's crafted specifically to enhance the spirit its meant to blend with! Fever-Tree's Distillers Cola is made with actual kola nut, pimento berries, Tahiti lime and vanilla. It's lightly and naturally sweet—with no artificial sweeteners or colors. Add a few droppers of All The Bitter's New Orleans-style bitters for a cocktail that is out of this world!

Our promise to you : We not only source the finest-quality, premium non-alcoholic products but you'll pay less than if you bought them yourself ... and we ship everything directly to your front door!