The Gin Box
The Gin Box

The Gin Box


Simple and classic. Two key ingredients but endless possibilities. Create cocktails that deliver a broad range of botanical taste notes to your palate. Layer in different garnishes to further bring forward more subtle notes. The recipe couldn't be easier for a cocktail that traces its roots to the mid-1800s when British soldiers used quinine as an antimalarial. Therapeutic and delicious!

In each Gin & Tonic Box you will receive:

  • 1   750ml bottle of New London Light (NLL) gin alternative
  • 4   250ml cans of Lyre's G&T premixed cocktail
  • 8   150ml cans of Fever-Tree premium tonics
  • 1   1 oz bottle of Orange All The Bitter non-alcoholic cocktail bitters
  • +   Recipes and info to help you make delicious cocktails at home

Each box will provide about 15 drinks worth of enjoyment!

2 oz New London Light (NLL)
5 oz Fever-Tree premium tonic
3 full droppers of All The Bitter's Orange bitters
orange slice for garnish
sage leaf (optional ... but it looks awesome!)
Fill a highball glass with ice. 
Add the NLL, tonic and bitters. Stir gently.
Garnish with a slice of orange and a sage leaf. 

Popular year round in Europe, the G&T is a summer staple here in America. The Soul Spirits G&T Box gives you everything you need to create a variety of mocktails by combining the award-winning New London Light (NLL) with a selection of Fever-Tree mixers—like Premium Indian, Elderflower and Refreshingly Light tonics. Alcohol-free never tasted so good!

Our promise to you : We not only source the finest-quality, premium non-alcoholic products but you'll pay less than if you bought them yourself ... and we ship everything directly to your front door!